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We at ONE Basketball Organization aim to provide programs and tournaments that allow for the highest level of Participation and Inclusion in basketball. The ONE Basketball Challenge, due to the nature of the program, allows for an equal playing field of interactions for anyone with a desire to shoot a basketball. This is expressed by way of allowing girls to compete against boys, adaptive athletes like wheelchair players and standup amputee players to compete against any other player, as well as allowing, for the first time ever, an equal game of skill that allows a regular “every-day player” to compete against a professional player.

Categorically speaking, the launch of the ONE Basketball Challenge on August 25, 2018, will also represent the largest basketball skills shot-out, to our knowledge, ever in history.

We are excited to grow this method of engaging in basketball to a larger audience, which allows for more healthy competition, individual growth, and also, through our platform, an opportunity to win money & prizes.


A Simple Rule System: when attempting a shot, players must retrieve their own rebound without the help or assistance of another player or apparatus and repeat until either the time has expired or the mark has been achieved.

The goal of the Time Skill Challenge is to see who can make (10) 3-Point baskets in the shortest amount of time.

Players can attempt to set their “best time” as many times as they would like during the allotted time span (9am – 2pm). Players with the best times will compete in the Bracket Tournament from 2pm – 3pm


There are (2) events at the ONE Basketball Challenge:

1.) Timed Skill Challenge

2.) Bracket Tournament

In order to play in the Bracket Tournament, you must first qualify in a player’s respective category. A player must play in the Timed Skill Challenge and at some point during the period of 9am – 2pm, a player must have a “best time” that places them in the TOP 64 List.

The top 64 players from each category (OPEN, 14U, WHEELCHAIR) will compete in a single-elimination tournament. Each player will go head-to-head on a half court while trying to make 10 made 3-Point baskets.

NOTE: Please arrive between 8 and 8:30am if you intend to begin shooting at 9am. We expect a small line to form outside the gym and our staff will help with the registration while you are in line. Doors will open promptly at 9am. You will receive¬†“PLAYER ID NUMBER” which you will use throughout the entire tournament.

Download Rules